The village hidden in the leaves

A roleplay based on the world of Naruto.
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 Neji's room

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Neji Hyuga

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PostSubject: Neji's room   Wed Sep 19, 2007 3:00 pm

(ooc: feeling to do this)

Neji was getting now bored of the place, nothing bad was happening of course, but for some reasons he would like a new event comming up, time passes since Puchiko didn't come to see him...and Injurie that doesn't feel well, didn't get any news from her health, that fact was making him unable to sleep well at night. He did asked a sensei to have his own place now that he was 16, able to relax without others bothering or messing around.
Neji's brows way abit lowered, couldn't think of someone else at that time.
''why...why am I stuck with her in my head?...thats not me...maybe its because I was always with her these days...and now that she's trying to heal...I'm alone again....I don't need anyone! I can live without someone sticking by my side!...''
Trying to get ahold of himself, slowly laying on his back, the bed was bigger, two person would fit in. Oculars closes, he would probably stay here for an hour or less.
-heh...what am I thinking...I've change...I'm not the old Neji anymore that was...anyways I have change because of the people surrounding me I guess...arg I don't know!...stop talking alone like this and sleep.
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Neji's room
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