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 Neji Hyuga [Accepted]

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Neji Hyuga

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PostSubject: Neji Hyuga [Accepted]   Wed Jul 25, 2007 8:26 pm

Name: Hyuga
First name: Neji
Age: 16
Birthday: 3 july
Height: 1m 78
Weight: 55 kg
Village: Konoha
Favorite food: Spicy rice ball
Powers: Byakugan, Hakke Sou Kaiten, Jyuken, Jyukenpô Hakke Roku Dyû Yon Shou
Class: Junin
Physical description: Wear a white suit, his head band around his forehead
Temper: Short temper
Strongh point: Byakugan
Weakness: Main branch of Hyuga clan
Story: Konoha Genin who attended the Chuunin exam during the first part of the series, and is the first of them to become a Jonin. Neji has been praised as a natural genius of the Hyuga clan, but can never lead it because he's a branch house member. He is perhaps the most skilled “Gentle fist” user in the series, despite this fact. Though the most powerful techniques of this style are normally kept within the main house, Neji learned them through simple observation. Neji is in the same Genin team as Rock Lee, Tenten, and their Jonin-sensei Might-Guy. Neji and Lee have a long-ongoing rivalry, which, not unlike the rivalry between Guy and Kakashi Hatake, mostly comes from Lee's side. Lee, who has been fighting against his fate as a worthless shinobi all his life, tries desperately to prove himself to the world in general and Neji in particular. Neji mocked Lee's dream of becoming a fine shinobi in the past, saying one cannot go against fate, but after Neji's defeat by Naruto, he seems to have warmed up to Lee. Tenten is often seen sparring with Neji, which usually consists of Tenten honing her skill with throwing weapons and Neji deflecting the weapons. The two of them are often equally annoyed with Lee and Guy's overreacting and 'youthful' behavior, but are similarly equally dedicated to fighting for their teammates. Despite his rank, Neji still goes out on missions with his team. Because he is a member of the branch house, Neji can never be the leader of his clan, despite his mastery of Gentle Fist and the Byakugan, his father, Hizashi Hyuga, despite being Hiashi Hyuga twin, was born second, making him a branch house member. In his childhood, Neji had nothing against the main family as he was too young to fully understand the implications of being a branch family member, but as he grew up seeing his father feel nothing but hatred for his own brother and the main family, he gradually came to resent it himself. His resentment only deepened as he witnessed his father enraged first hand while watching Hinata Hyuga, Hiashi's elder daughter and Hyuga main family heir, train with her father; Hizashi knew that his own son, Neji, would never be the heir of his clan. Detecting Hizashi's vibes of animosity, Hiashi activated the Hyuga branch family seal on Hizashi, putting his brother in immense pain as his nerves were being attacked. It was Neji's first encounter with the Hyuga cursed seal. It was not until the incident with Kumogakure 's and Konohagakure 's peace treaty, however, that Neji truly became who he was when he showed up for the Chunin exams. The two villages, which were at war with one another, decided to sign a treaty, and for this representatives from Kumogakure arrived. On the same day, the very same cursed seal that tortured his father was put upon Neji himself; and that night, the ambassador from the Land of Lightning attempted to kidnap Hinata, revealing that the intention of the "treaty" was all along to get into the Land of Fire and acquire the secret of the Byakugan. Hiashi detected the intruder and killed him at once, for which Kumogakure requested payback in the form of Hiashi's dead body. That day, Neji's father was sent to his death instead of Hiashi, and Neji grew up believing that his father was sent against his will to protect the Hyuga clan's secret bloodline. This chain of events drove him to the point of believing that a person's future is decided from birth and that there was no way to escape or change destiny, making him a character with a grudge against the main house.

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PostSubject: Re: Neji Hyuga [Accepted]   Wed Jul 25, 2007 10:29 pm

    Great, you only need favorite food.


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Neji Hyuga [Accepted]
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